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Employee Driven Growth! Boost Your Reviews & Rank Higher On Google With TapReview!

How our TapReview Software Works for your Business.

  • Step 1: 
    Your employees simply ask your customer if they would leave you a review.

  • Step 2:
    Your customer taps the TapReview Card to their phone, and they are immediately taken to your Google review page.

  • Step 3:They can easily leave a review in 5 seconds.

What's Included with TapReview


An Embedded Smart NFC Chip

Each card has a unique link preprogrammed to the NFC chip embedded in it. Customers tap their phone to the card and are instantly taken to your Google review page.


Online Employee Leaderboard

Real time company leaderboard to gamify generating Google reviews with the employees.

Each card has a unique link so you can track which employees are asking for reviews.


Review Checkpoint

Negative reviews on your mind?

Turn on the review checkpoint to give customers the opportunity to leave you direct feedback instead of negative reviews on your Google profile. Customers still have the option to leave a review if they wish, which fully complies with Google's TOS.

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